Loser Lew Thaler Wants To Do It One More Time — At Your Expense!

By Former Trial Judge Marc Mogil, J.D., (State of New York)

Not content to lose an election like an honorable man, 77 year old retired politician Lewis J. (“I Love Lew”) Thaler has decided to be remembered in the future as having been the penultimate hypocrite of his era by costing his “beloved” City hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses and legal fees in a run-off election for which he is suing the City and Miami-Dade County.

After conceding defeat and congratulating the winner, 55 year old GEORGE “BUD” SCHOLL — Thaler is now convinced that the voters are too stupid to understand for whom they voted on November 4th, and who was “certified” as the winner on November 14th.¬† A third candidate (Alex Amselem) withdrew from the race and was legally disqualified with the letter of the law being followed by the City and County. Yet Thaler — with the financial campaign backing of wealthy and powerful developers who are blighting our beachfront and skyline with density variance monstrosities — wants another¬† chance to win. Thaler’s powerful developer friends need Thaler to continue making millions. How pathetic is that? Where is honor? Is this how Thaler respects your democratic right to vote?

The Courts should put Thaler in his place and uphold the will of our voters. If not, and a costly and unnecessary runoff is ordered (not likely if our wise judiciary upholds Florida law), he will again be pummeled by an electorate DISGUSTED at the depths to which certain politicians will sink in their own self-interest. Justice most often prevails, despite back-room deals.

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4 Responses to Loser Lew Thaler Wants To Do It One More Time — At Your Expense!

  1. Frank S says:

    Can someone please put this old man to bed…My God….go away LEWZER…you have no more power here….go take another walk on the beach…while you are there take a look at all those tall buildings around you that block the sun after 2PM….that’s your legacy….

  2. LM says:

    The handling of the situation in which the third candidate withdrew from the race after the ballots were printed was carried out according to protocol. Therefore, for the suit to allege that the third candidate’s votes should be counted and the winner of the race did not have a majority of the votes is not valid.

    Thaler did not succeed in his bid to become Mayor of Sunny Isles Beach. He and his supporters need to accept this and move on. There are other ways he can be involved in the community.

    His campaign was supposed to be about his “love” of the city. His lawsuit will cause Sunny Isles Beach to spend an enormous amount of money for lawyers and a possible run-off election. This money would be better spent on improvements to the city. He is taking away valuable resources that could be utilized to enrich the lives of the residents. This is not showing “love.” This is more like hate and vengeance.

  3. David says:

    Please don’t tell me the 12th grade graduate is back! Heaven help us! It seems that “Mom Jeans” Carla Mast has been replaced by John Rusnak to help support the ethically challenged sore loser mayor candidate in his efforts to sue Sunny Isles Beach. Let’s talk about John. Who wants to go first?

  4. Lucille says:

    John Rusnak should be held up as the poster boy of someone who should never, ever listen to Lew Thaler. Lew Thaler is telling people that Bud Scholl falsely claimed himself the winner. It was the Miami-Dade Board of Elections that declared Bud the winner; Bud cannot officially declare himself the winner. What is there not to understand about that? Lew Thaler is telling John Rusnak Bud cheated. John is stupid enough to believe that and is going around blasting it all over town. How sad when someone cannot think something through for himself. John, you’re making an ass of yourself. Lew Thaler & John Rusnak = Dumb and Dumber.

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