What’s Best For Our City: Observations on a Commission Race

By:  Marc Mogil, J.D.

As someone who was twice elected as a criminal court Judge in New York (10 years of service), exposed to both the vagaries of election politics and all types of personalities appearing before me, I’ve come to understand what constitutes a qualified candidate for public office. In doing so, I actively supported Mayor Bud Scholl for election, and was proven correct as he prevailed and is doing a magnificent job. I also have involved myself with the Sunny Isles Beach Police Department, becoming fast friends with our renowned Chief Fred Maas, and spending many full shifts riding along with our officers to see and compare how they do their jobs on patrol. Some were so extraordinary in dealing with their difficult and dangerous tasks and the public that I wrote about them to friends in Congress, and one piece was even inserted by Congressman Lee Zeldin into the “Congressional Record.”

In that light, I’ve quietly observed our Commissioners, and have become close to most. One who especially has impressed me is Commissioner Dana Goldman, a family woman who has gone out of her way to deal inter alia, with the issues of traffic studies to improve traffic flow, understanding the issues and needs facing seniors, preventing high rise building on the west side of Collins Avenue, and seeking to cull out students who illegally and fraudulently have been placed in our K-8 school from other cities, costing our taxpayers a great deal of money and overcrowding.

A graduate of the noted Brandeis University, and George Washington Law School, this practicing erudite attorney, who has volunteered in our City government for many years, has become experienced and knowledgeable in the issues facing us, paving her way for deserved elective office here. She is not an unqualified newcomer with far less of an education nor lack of governmental experience seeking office.

In her re-election bid, she is facing Gregory Capra. From his own releases and public records available to anyone at our City Hall and in New York, I noted the following:

1.   As far as one can tell, he never went to college and is merely a high school graduate, which would make him the least educated person on our Commission;

2.   He has not served on any volunteer committees in our City, and until he declared his candidacy by attacking Dana Goldman, did not even attend one Commission meeting so as to understand how our City works;

3.   Instead of being able to say he saved us tax dollars in some way, he and his wife have COST the City quite a bit, by causing our police to be summoned to his home on at least 25 occasions over the years. The issues as stated in the police reports (personally obtained and available to anyone here under Freedom of Information), were various types of disorderly conduct and public rancorous arguments with neighbors, and one time with Fire Department EMT personnel who sought to take Mrs. Capra to the hospital for an acute alcoholic episode prompting an embarrassing scene. One need only mention the name Capra at Police Headquarters to elicit a knowing response;

4.   It appears his only campaign issue is attacking his opponent, Commissioner Goldman, over her suing her condo board when he was President, since they have been long-time antagonists. I personally obtained and checked Court files and saw that the only reason her case was dismissed, with very high costs, was that her attorney failed to file a 30-day procedural notice — an issue of malpractice by the Goldman’s attorney  There was NEVER a substantive decision on the merits.

Aside from attacking Commissioner Goldman and misstating a non-endorsement from former Commissioner Roz Brezin, (who personally told me she was livid at that act), he has, to date, little discussed substantive issues  facing our City, nor his qualifications to serve.

As such, considering all the above, I am proud to support Commissioner Dana Goldman. As far as I’m concerned, there really is no choice when it comes to their comparative educations, experience, personalities, characters, community service, and fitness to serve!



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