I am Roz Brezin, former Commissioner of Sunny Isles Beach. I read Greg Capra’s email to voters dated October 17th, 2016 and at this time I would like to make what I said very clear and correct the inaccuracies in his email.

What I actually said was that I appreciated the fact that he came forth in wanting to be a commissioner but there were several inaccuracies in his statements. I told him that experience was very important in order to direct the many issues facing the City. I said that as far as I knew he had never served on a committee nor had he ever attended a commission meeting. Mr. Capra agreed he had not.

I told him that in the future if he gained experience or showed an interest in the affairs of the City he could run for whatever he chose, as anyone could. As far as Greg Capra and I becoming good friends, I cannot establish a friendship with anyone who misrepresents what I say.

At this time Greg Capra does not have my support or my vote. I don’t believe Mr. Capra’s email accurately reflected what I said.

Roz Brezin

Editor’s Note: Commissioner Roz Brezin has been an integral member of our community since the early years of our becoming a municipality. She actively participated in civic affairs before she was an elected official, serving as commissioner and then vice-mayor. This most admired lady epitomizes the highest attributes in public service.

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  1. A Very Concerned Citizen says:

    I hope the residents of Sunny Isles Beach take note of this. Greg Capra sent a campaign email implying that former Comm. Roz Brezin supported him. This was done behind Comm. Roz’s back. She never received the email but instead heard about it from friends. You would think that Capra would have asked her permission before using her name in a campaign piece but he did not. Candidates are obligated to obtain written permission from individuals for endorsements. Since he deliberately blindsided her (and misrepresented her) she felt the need to make a statement. Everyone knows Comm. Roz has endorsed Comm. Dana Goldman from the start. This is a perfect example of how Greg Capra operates. He campaigns using phony “storytelling” through “friendly” emails. However those of us who know him and are forced to interact with him know he is tricky and deceitful. We are so glad he’s finally been exposed. Please, voters, do your homework. Do not vote for this man. He is unethical and does not have the credentials, educational background and intellect to do the job.

  2. Greg Capra says:

    Sunny Isles Beach Reporter, I am told that you pick and choose what to post on your blog bases on political bias. I am hopeful that is not true and I see my post. In any event, I will be posting what has been said here on other websites to be sure. First, those that post comments without their true name or as A Very Concerned Resident are hiding and are not credible. Mrs. Brezin said in her posted statement, “I don’t “believe” Mr. Capra’s email accurately reflected what I said.” Emphases on believe. Look at the “facts” of what wrote about what Mrs. Brezin said amongst a group Sunny Isles Beach residents. The below is from the letter that I e-mailed to almost 5000
    Last week, I hosted a meet and greet at Arlen House. I met many residents and enjoyed listening to their concerns and offering my views on issues in our city. Roslyn Brezin, one of the first Sunny Isles Beach Commissioners was there. It was an honor to have Ms. Brezin at my event. She shared some points about TDRs, high rises, Collins Avenue and said that someone should have served on a committee before becoming a Commissioner. I explained that while I have not been on a city board, my extensive business experience, and particularly my many years as Poinciana’s HOA President, make me very qualified to be the next City Commissioner of Seat #3. At the end of our conversation,
    Ms. Brezin said, one day you will be our Mayor. To say that I was flattered by this tremendous compliment is an understatement. Thank you, Roslyn; I think we are going to become good friends. Mrs. Brezin in fact said, “one day you will be our Mayor” Now, will Mrs. Brezin publicly call me a liar? I cannot imagine she will. However, I have shown indisputable video proof of Dana Goldman admitting that she did In Fact lie to her neighbors by using a fake name in letters to them. She also sued her HOA for 22-million dollars with no proof of wrongdoing and settled the case by paying $84,000.00 dollars. Mrs. Brezin and anyone reading this blog has the right to support the person of their choice. However, why would anyone support someone like Dana Goldman based on her actions at her own HOA? Greg Capra Candidate for City Commissioner Seat #3

    • Editor says:

      Even after a strong rebuttal by Roz Brezin, you continue to promote your email by repeating much of it here. Using Commissioner Brezin’s good name without her knowledge or consent in a campaign email you admit you sent to thousands of voters is reprehensible. Roz Brezin was so upset that she felt the need to issue a statement which is quite clear – “Greg Capra does not have my support or my vote.” End of story.

  3. Arie Steiger says:

    I will not support him whatsoever. That email is a lie, and I don’t like liars. I agree with Roz on her comments. Anybody who wants to be in office needs to serve on committees in the city, so he will understand the city and not just because he is in a war with a neighbor that he is running for office. That’s my opinion.

    • Lily says:

      He is at war with many of his neighbors, actually. And I agree with you. The spirit of his campaign is all wrong.

      • Greg Capra says:


        Your comments might be considered if you posted using your last name. Then everyone would know who you are. You do not need to hide. If you were to visit Poinciana Island and talk to owners here. You would find that not a signal owner is at what you call – at war with me. There are those that do not like having to fix their property when needed according to Association rules. Those that do not pay their maintenance and are sent to collection. They don’t like that either. But I don’t think these owners feel that they are at war with anyone. Let’s excluded Michael Gates, Dana’s husband. Most at Poinciana refrain from speaking with him. He seems to be at war with everyone, even outside of Poinciana Island. Some think that it might it be, a Napoleon complex? The phenomenon where tiny men overcompensate for their lack of height through acts of aggression. Rather, you will find that owners of Poinciana Island appreciate what I have done for the island and them. Of course, why they continue to make me their president year after year. Poinciana is a great place to live. You would find out that many owners are upset about the legal war that Mrs Goldman created and the costs that it put on them.
        The spirit of this campaign is in part is to remove a Mrs Goldman that is unfit to serve as our Commissioner.The majority of Poinciana Island owners (Goldman’s neighbors) do not want Mrs. Goldman as their Commissioner.They know that I will do what is right for all the residents of Sunny Isles Beach. They will have a voice in the Commission. All the best,
        Greg Capra

        • Lucy says:

          Greg, don’t you realize that you have taken the bait? Instead of campaigning for real city issues your opposition put you in a position to constantly explain and defend yourself against a lawsuit which no one in the entire city beyond the gates of your HOA cares about. On top of that, you’ve done it in a way that shows residents the kind of person you are….a frustrated, unhappy man who desperately needs validation. Well, at least you succeeded in making a name for yourself…but not in a good way. Everyone’s heard your lengthy, tiresome, obsessive messages and we have moved on a long time ago.

    • Greg Capra says:

      Arie Steiger, That e-mail is the truth. Surely not what you want to accept as such, but it is. You must have read my letters and seen the videos of Mrs. Goldman. Her own words leave nothing to doubt as to what the facts are. I am not at a war with a neighbor. Mrs Goldman was at a war with her Association. Something that she started. As Poinciana’s president, it was my responsibility to defend every unit owner. In the end, she paid to settle what she started. But don’t take my word for it. It is public information. Find it for yourself. Also, Mrs Brezin is not going to tell you that she didn’t say that I will be the Mayor one day. That was her opinion, not mine. I have no aspiration of such. BTW, I think that Bud is a fine person and support him. Arie, I am willing to meet with you to answer whatever questions you have to clear any doubts you have. I will be at Duffy’s next week on the 27th with the Social Citizens group. Come and let’s talk about it openly. Rather than have someone that has been trained via committee and may have been molded to conform. Consider someone that has not been. Most of the City’s issues have been with us for a long time. It does not take being on a committee to know them. We all know them. What is the next commissioner going to do about it? If you want someone that is going to try and really do something by putting in the time to work with others on the commission and city managers. Vote for me. Greg Capra

      • Lucy says:

        Greg, please stop inserting your personal issue with Comm. Goldman in every single conversation or interaction. You consistently come off as angry and bitter. The fact that you cannot let go shows alarming obsessive behavior. You claim to be someone who can contribute as an outsider but in reality you are a shrill, whiny crybaby complaining citywide about something nobody cares about. It’s difficult to believe you can make a contribution as an outsider then watch as you use campaign funds to satisfy your personal vendetta . Now you are accusing a beloved former commissioner to be a liar. Why in the world would you think anyone would want you as their elected official? This is a very small community filled with residents who have deep ties to the city and are actively engaged. We are not stupid. You are showing how out of touch you are with the residents of this city. But that’s to be expected from someone who never attended a meeting or contributed five minutes of their time to get involved.

        • Greg Capra says:

          Lucy, This is not my personal issue. This baseless lawsuit cost all the homeowners of Poinciana Island hundreds of thousand of dollars. As the president of Poinciana, it was my responsibility to make sure they were not victims of Mrs. Goldman and her husband Michael Gates. I am not accusing Mrs. Goldman of lying, she lied and admitting to it. If you do not believe the videos of her saying it, read the court transcripts. They are public information. As far as campaign funds, I am funding my campaign with my money. Yes, my money. Maybe you don’t care, but I can assure you that many city-wide do. If my comments come off as angry, I was angered at the time by what she did to all of us at Poinciana. Wouldn’t you be? There is no such anger here that could motivate me spend this about of time and money for such. Lucy, you are welcome to call me or we could meet. I would be happy to discuss City issues and provide my views. All the best, Greg Capra

  4. Lucy says:

    Read my comment again. I stated that you are accusing a FORMER Commissioner to be a liar, not a current one. If you think you are going to get away with spinning other’s words to drive your agenda then please know we are on to you.

    • Greg Capra says:

      Lucy, I misread what you wrote, you are right. You did say Former. Sorry But, you misunderstood what I wrote too. I said, “will Mrs. Brezin publicly call me a liar? I cannot imagine she will.” Franky, I knew that she would not. None of my comments ever said that Mrs. Brezin endorsed me. She never did. However, she did say, One day you will be our Mayor. And she has never denied that as far as I know from this blog. Some may not like what I say as it is not aligned with what they want to believe. But you can take to the bank that what I say is the truth. It must be very hard to hear something about your candidate that shakes your confidence in who you thought they were. BTW, I have lived in Sunny Isles Beach going on 17-years. If that still makes me an outsider, how long before insider status? 😉 Kidding aside, I am not part of the inner circle of Sunny Isles Beach politics and that I believe is good, and so many that I speak to feel the same way. All the best, Greg Capra

      • Lucy says:

        Your problem is, though, that it is your word against a former commissioner’s. Have you seen my previous post about taking the bait? So far all you’ve done during the campaign is defend your position about a lawsuit from years ago and place blame against a former commissioner for lying. We’re still waiting for the fresh, new ideas you claim you can bring as an outsider candidate. So far you’ve come up empty handed. People don’t feel good about you. You have no one to blame but yourself for that (with a little help from the other side!).

        • Greg Capra says:

          Lucy, It’s not my problem. I don’t have a problem. Besides, has Roz come out and stated that she didn’t say, “One day you will be our Mayor? She has not. Until she does that we don’t have a problem. If she does say that I lied, then we have a big problem. Lucy, I am not the one that is defending myself. I have exposed the truth of Mrs. Goldman trying to bankrupt neighbors with a 22- million dollar lawsuit with made up accusations/lies Fighting with a neighbor next to her by blocking that neighbors garage with her car (how childish is that) Lying to neighbors. And more, read the documents. Suggest you ask Mrs. Goldman to defend what she did. She tried in a recent Miami Herald article. Read my comment at the end of the online article. If you want to talk about City Issues, post questions related to that here rather than this nonsense. Or come to Duffy’s on the 27th at 12:00. The Social Citizens are having the event. Mrz. Goldman will be there too. Let’s meet and talk. It might be the highlight of this whole campaign. Hope to meet you there, Greg Capra

          • Lucy says:

            It doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem just because you say you don’t. But fair enough. You have a right to run your campaign as you see fit. I will try to come if I can get off from work in time. I can’t imagine you are capable of speaking about anything other than the same old thing which you did AGAIN in your comment to me. You keep proving my point. LOL

          • Lily says:

            It is the candidate’s job to bring up and discuss issues. You can’t just be in reaction mode. You have to offer something other than “look at what my opponent did,” which is all I am hearing from you.

  5. Michael Gates says:

    If you want to know what a snake is, all you have to do is look at Greg Capra.
    Greg spends most of his time with Bob and Shelia Caplan, they follow Greg around like lost puppies. Greg has his own cheering squad have you ever seen Greg without them? Not one person in Government Center in Sunny Isles Beach wants anything to do with any of them, they shudder when they come there.
    Greg talks about what he has done for Poinciana Island, well he sure has overseen the construction with his partner Caplan the front gate renovation, extended the building 10 feet, new windows, an overhang, new gates cameras all for over $ 400.000.00! By the way we own the property, you could build a four bedroom home for that.
    Greg became an officer in Poinciana under false pretense he was not even a recorded owner at the time. Greg Capra only became owner when the City of Sunny Isles Beach issued a code violation, one of many, and the City would not even talk to him. Like I said – SCAM ARTIST.
    Poinciana where Greg and his wife run it like a dictatorship, he uses his
    position and power to force people to follow with bribery or special favors.
    He changes Property Managers whenever they do not follow along with his unethical
    views. One of the last two Property Managers were fired on his own by Capra without notifying all of the board members, they were just as surprised as the manager.
    Another had to be PAID OFF with a sealed agreement, that manager made a sworn
    statement under Oath that he was offered a bribe by one of the board members and
    GREG CAPRA told him to take it. That’s right, Greg Capra told a former manager to accept a bribe. Capra uses the resources of Poinciana Island for
    his own gain, lawyers, office staff, manager, security guards. Greg Capra has managed to put together an overpaid staff who keeps him in power in Poinciana by whatever means.
    Greg Capra isn’t fit to shine Dana Goldman’s shoes, with her education (he has none), her pedigree (he has none) or her standing in the community (he has none). If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Michael Gates.

    • A Very Concerned Citizen says:

      Anyone who sues a condo board/president is a hero as far as I’m concerned. Way to go!

    • Greg Capra says:

      Michael, You forgot to mention that you are the husband of Dana Goldman. Your comments are the same lies in your and Dana’s Lawsuit. Which of course you lost because of no proof of your claims. You are not helping your wife’s chances, but you have never put her interests first. Greg Capra

  6. Greg Capra says:

    Lucy, See you there. And will prove you wrong. I enjoyed our conversation. Greg Capra

    • Editor says:

      With all your comments, you have ignored and failed to address the main point of what this article is about. It is about your using Roz Brezin’s name in a campaign email to thousands without her knowledge or consent for your political benefit.

      Before using anyone’s name in a campaign email that implies they support you, you are obliged to obtain their approval. You did not do this according to Roz. Your email caused her such great distress that she felt she had to issue a public statement of denial. You now persist in taunting Roz Brezin further by demanding she publicly call you a liar. It is doubtful that your peculiar strategy will be well-received by voters.

      Commissioner Brezin has served this City with honor and dignity for many years. She did not deserve to be unwillingly dragged into this whole sorry situation. And you continue to offer voters no explanation whatsoever as to why you used Roz Brezin’s name implying she supported you without her knowledge or consent.

      • A Very Concerned Citizen says:

        Thank you, Editor, for coming forward and making that statement in support of former Comm. Roz Brezin. Roz Brezin is a pillar of the community and holds the honor of being the first female Vice Mayor of the City of Sunny Isles Beach. It’s been extremely entertaining watching Greg Capra implode by his own hand on this forum. The way he has conducted himself thus far shows how amateurish and naive he is. As one of the commentators stated earlier, he continues to take the bait. What’s not amusing, though, is the fact that the only issues he has addressed here — the lawsuit and Comm. Brezin — are aggressions against female political figures. I cannot help but think this is not a coincidence. He consistently disrespects two very capable and accomplished female elected officials with fabricated accusations in every single comment. Maybe he thinks it’s a “man’s job” to be a commissioner. If this is his definition of campaigning then he has no business being a part of city hall. He doesn’t realize that his written words here will forever stick to him in perpetuity because this is the internet. He thinks it’s all about him. That, dear Editor, shows a special kind of stupidity.

        • Editor says:

          Thank you for your kind words CC. I’ve known and worked with Roz beginning in 2004 and I admire her greatly. I’ve been very restrained in my comments here and thought it best to simply let Capra be Capra. I find that people like him can be their own worst enemy if you give them enough rope. The point is that poor Roz was taken advantage of by Capra and he refuses to own up to what he did. After challenging her to publicly call him a liar I think Capra has shown he has no shame and will do anything to harass and humiliate this fine woman. What’s he planning next – a mudwrestling match? Thank you for your comments.

      • Greg Capra says:

        Editor, Roz made a public statement among other SIB residents. I assume that she meant it. Why did I mention it to others? Coming from one of the first commissioners of SIB, I was flattered by what she said and shared it. She has never denied saying it. While it does not imply that she supports me for Commissioner at this time (I never said that), it does mean that she believes I have qualities to lead Sunny Isles Beach in the future. I have never said that I am interested in being Mayor. Let’s see how I do as your Commissioner. All the best, Greg Capra

        • Editor says:

          So now you say it does mean that she (Roz) believes you have qualities to lead Sunny Isles Beach in the future.
          I say H-O-G-W-A-S-H to what you say.

          Your comments here tell voters all they need to know about you.

        • Sara says:

          Greg, in your latest mass email message, you criticized Comm. Goldman as someone who was hand picked by city hall and molded. It’s clear that you are not aware that there was a process that steered her to where she is today. Dana Goldman was the chairperson of the City Advisory Committee, which is considered a training ground for a seat on the commission. Comm. Goldman was selected by Mayor Scholl to chair that committee due to her impressive educational and employment credentials. It’s 100% voluntary and everyone on that committee donates their time to make SIB a better place. In February 2015 there was a special election conducted to fill Bud’s seat after he was elected mayor. Comm. Dana Goldman won that election against TWO opponents easily. So your statement about Comm. Goldman being hand picked is no longer relevant. She was voted in by the residents of Sunny Isles Beach. Period. There are two issues here. First, every post, every email, every article you issue contains information that is incorrect. Large or small, it’s always present for the entire community to see that you don’t know what you are doing or, worse, don’t know what’s going on. That’s because you have not been engaged in anything at all relating to the city. You simply came out of your HOA, swinging, with the hope people will believe your personal vendetta if you say it enough times in that obsessive manner you use. They are not. Secondly, this is not the first time you have taken shots at the mayor, commission, staff and employees at city hall. Calling Mayor Scholl’s innovative idea of the use of pedestrian bridges “a band-aid” (Herald article) is a prime example of one of the more insulting comments to come out of your mouth. You lack boundaries and do not have control of your emotions. All of your ignorant antics have not gone unnoticed.

  7. Michael Gates says:

    Okay, Greg Capra. Let’s talk about the lawsuit which you seem to be so obsessed about. It’s the only thing your campaign is running on. Dana Goldman and Michael Gates against Poinciana Island, lawsuit against her neighbors, which is your first lie.
    This lawsuit was about you and mostly you. It is not about the neighbors. The lawsuit was against the Board which you are president and its members who are involved in all the rulings: illegal violations, Harassment, Misappropriation of funds, Overspending, Conspiracy, Lies, personal attacks, Defamation of character and Rampant Voter fraud. Greg Capra uses the Association’s attorneys like his own personal lawyers. The association attorneys use Poinciana Island like an annuity because Greg Capra and his Board are constantly in trouble, with the City, with the County, with the State and with the homeowners. Somehow if you speak up the next day you find your car damaged. If you ask to see a document, somehow the next day you get a violation notice. You have to live with Greg Capra’s wife cursing at you, spitting on you, getting the middle finger. The board meetings have usually less than 10 Homeowners and most of them are the spouses of the board members. The same people you see with him now. Greg Capra keeps talking about the illegal air conditioner in the garage. It is true that there was no permit from the city when it was installed. I was not aware you need a permit for a garage, but the A/C unit permit was obtained from the city. That was’t good enough for Greg Capra. He kept attacking and attacking until it got to the point where we had no choice but to file a lawsuit. The lawsuit was for defamation Conspiracy and so on. When the lawsuit was first filed Greg Capra and his wife closed their hurricane shutters and hid the in their townhouse for more than 30 days sneaking out only when the security guards notified them that the coast was clear from the process server. What a big man He is.
    I could go into detail but that would only bore you. In the end Greg Capra used all the resources of the Association and the Association’s Atty to paper us and document us to death. The case made no sense to go on. They would have stretched it on for years It was not their money So who cares . We were forced To refile And refile And the last time Our Atty forgot to send A 30 day notice of suit And the judge Dismissed that part of the case. The Appellate Court Upheld the dismissal Not on merits I stress But on a stupid Mistake That our lawyer Made Unfortunately We were forced To settle The case because of legal fees. It’s like the murderer getting away with it because of a bad arrest. But when Capra talks he lies that there was no proof and the case was dismissed because of no proof Just another Lie by Greg Capra. If anything was accomplished tt has made the association’s attorneys, the manager and the board aware of how illegally and unprofessional this association used to run. Greg Capra has spent countless hours turning our neighbors against us. The intelligent ones actually know the Truth and even though Capra and his wife say the neighbors are against my wife and I we probably have more friends and allies in Poinciana Island then Greg Capra and his wife has. Our phones are ringing off the hook all day and all night from the people who know Greg Capra and are absolutely vomiting that he is running for Commissioner. Michael Gates.

  8. I didn’t know anything about Greg Capra until I read this post. Based on the tone and content of his comments, he comes across a bully. The fact that he claims that any comment posted anonymously is “not credible,” only proves that he’s clueless as well.

    People choose to post anonymously for many reasons, including a fear of retaliation, especially if the obnoxious bully should win the election. One can only imagine the abuse of power that someone like Capra would be capable of should he actually manage to get a seat at the table.

    By the way, the recording of his wife’s potty mouth rant was priceless! What a shrew! That alone should scare anyone from voting for this man.

    • Lisa says:

      I just heard the recording of his wife cursing someone out who lives in their condo association. OMG! What nerve he has moaning about a lawsuit when she’s out there terrorizing people. These people need a reality check.

    • Lisa says:

      Hey everyone! Greg Capra emailed the Herald article to all his “fans” this morning with another diatribe about the lawsuit. But wait! Below the article you will find a comments section. Right there you will find the actual video of a phone call his wife, Nikolina Capra, made cursing out a Poinciana Island homeowner. She throws out several F bombs all over the place along with some other choice dirty curse words. Insulting people seems to be a family trait (let’s not forget his rude son who tossed a negative insult at a candidate at the seniors debate). So click on the Herald link or go straight to the article online and check it out. It’s a new low for Sunny Isles Beach compliments of the Capra Family! Thanks for sharing, Greg.

  9. Lisa says:

    Stephanie, you may not know this but many of us who live in Sunny Isles Beach revere you! You have a large fan base here. Thank you so much for showing up. You hit the nail on the head.

  10. Lily says:

    Fear of retaliation is definitely real when it comes to Capra. Just look at his campaign. A one trick retaliatory pony. No thanks.

  11. Editor says:

    Greg Capra has emailed the Sunny Isles Beach Reporter his latest campaign mailer. It will not be reprinted here. I do not circulate campaign mailers of candidates at their behest. And no surprise this is filled with more of the same angry narrative from Capra that we have unfortunately become all too familiar with here. Also I have seen the Youtube video mentioned in several comments. It is of Capra’s wife Nikki Capra screaming foul language in a phone call to a resident in Poinciana. It is a truly disturbing example of why people would fear Capra.

  12. A Very Concerned Citizen says:

    Greg, please tell us what your level of education was beyond 12th grade. Your educational background is not mentioned anywhere…not in any of your campaign materials, Facebook or LinkedIn. Google isn’t showing anything as well. I think it’s an important question voters have a right to know and it needs to be answered. Please do so.

    • Lily says:

      That’s a good point. I wonder if he took the same approach to education as with civil service…. by NOT getting and education he can preserve the freshness of his mind. Don’t want it corrupted by all those ideas other people have.

    • Slava says:

      Believe me you will not get an answer to this question.

    • Lisa says:

      You must have touched a nerve with that question. He’s hiding.

  13. Sara says:

    A campaign piece arrived in the mail from Greg Capra stating that he wants to build consensus on the commission in order to get things done. Would somebody please inform him of the rules and regulations of Florida’s Sunshine Law? According to Florida law it is illegal for commission members to discuss among themselves any and all items that will be voted on. So not only is it impossible to build consensus on the commission to get things done, it’s totally illegal. This law has been around forever and is Municipal Government 101 yet he doesn’t even know that. Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t believe anything this guy says, does or puts in print. He has absolutely no idea what he is talking about and, more importantly, never bothered to take the time to learn. This is what you get from someone who never attended a commission meeting or even a City Advisory Committee meeting. He’s an amateur at best.

  14. Slava says:

    People who know Greg know that he is nothing more than a salesman. But he’s not a very good one because he has yet to convince anyone what he will accomplish if he were to become an elected official. So far he’s done a great job selling his skill of retaliation, and has spent the past month obsessively campaigning on that one note. Greg thinks very highly of himself. He proudly bragged in this forum that his lack of civic involvement is an asset, trying to convince you that an unengaged outsider can better represent you. If anyone thinks Greg Capra can cure SIB’s traffic woes, take note: Greg’s arduous daily commute consists of walking down the hall to his man cave where he day trades in his pajamas to hone the only real skill he possesses…taking care of Number One. If you happen to catch Greg outside (having traded his PJ’s for that track suit), you can be certain it has nothing to do with solving our city’s traffic woes.

  15. Michael Gates says:

    I’ll tell you how arrogant This guy Greg Capra is, he is So cocky that he thinks He can place his campaign signs Anyplace he chooses, boy was he Infer A surprise.
    First he never asked RK If he could place a sign on his property,Obviously Mr. Katz does not like this guy because he would not take a meeting with him that sign was removed to garbage. Then of course he would have to make his signs Bigger than Dana Goldman’s, But as we all know He has no clue about anything going on in this city, rules Or regulations.
    Mr. Capra Received a violation notice From the city of Sunny Isles Beach, and was instructed to remove his sign. What a JOKE this guy is.

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