I am Roz Brezin, former Commissioner of Sunny Isles Beach. I read Greg Capra’s email to voters dated October 17th, 2016 and at this time I would like to make what I said very clear and correct the inaccuracies in his email.

What I actually said was that I appreciated the fact that he came forth in wanting to be a commissioner but there were several inaccuracies in his statements. I told him that experience was very important in order to direct the many issues facing the City. I said that as far as I knew he had never served on a committee nor had he ever attended a commission meeting. Mr. Capra agreed he had not.

I told him that in the future if he gained experience or showed an interest in the affairs of the City he could run for whatever he chose, as anyone could. As far as Greg Capra and I becoming good friends, I cannot establish a friendship with anyone who misrepresents what I say.

At this time Greg Capra does not have my support or my vote. I don’t believe Mr. Capra’s email accurately reflected what I said.

Roz Brezin

Editor’s Note: Commissioner Roz Brezin has been an integral member of our community since the early years of our becoming a municipality. She actively participated in civic affairs before she was an elected official, serving as commissioner and then vice-mayor. This most admired lady epitomizes the highest attributes in public service.

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