Their Way Or Not At All

By Marc Mogil

Last night Sunny Isles Beach joined the ranks of cities hosting “the entitled ones” yearning to rewrite the election in the streets, spouting epithets against our President-Elect Donald J. Trump.

Despite predictions of “thousands” of protestors, police officers and helicopters seemed to outnumber this small assemblage who marched up and down Collins Avenue, pouting and posing for the cameras. Our Sunny Isles Beach Police Department is to be commended for handling this so well and planning for all contingencies. Police Chief Fred Maas told me, “I knew one thing for sure, they [the protestors] would not interrupt services to our residents, medical or police, under my watch. If I had to put every officer including myself on the street, which I and my captains were, we will protect our city and The Rights of our resident citizens.”

The bottom line is that we are already seeing how different Trump will be from Obama, with his provisional choices of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, General Flynn [fired by Obama as too tough on ISIS] as National Security Advisor, Mike Huckabee as Ambassador to Israel, and Rudy Giuliani as Secretary of State.

If all Americans give him a chance, Donald Trump may well become one of our greatest Presidents, doing what needs to be done, putting America first! Good riddance to Obama, Clinton and their cabal of police-hating socialist globalists, worrying about political correctness and the qualms of our declared enemies, both at home and abroad.

Onward to January 20, 2017!

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