My Friend Marc Mogil

By Sharon Elster, Editor

I want to say something about former NY Judge Marc Mogil, who is a dear friend and has been targeted on my blog by mean-spirited people with self-serving agendas. An event that took place more than twenty years ago is being used to attack my friend. It is unfair and unconscionable.  The internet has changed our world in many ways but the internet also carries information that does not always tell the whole story.

I met Marc Mogil in 2009 since both he and I are residents of Winston Towers. We became involved in the 2010 Sunny Isles Beach election and it was during that time I founded the Sunny Isles Beach Reporter. Marc Mogil is a brilliant man and as an unpaid volunteer has given of his time freely and most generously. In all these years he has never benefited financially. His input and contributions have been invaluable to every single one of us. Marc has gone on many 12 hour ride-alongs with our top-notch Sunny Isles Beach police. Our officers and Chief of Police Maas have come to know and respect Marc for his strong support of our City’s finest.

Marc has worked with the candidates he feels would do the best job for you and our City. Again, always as an unpaid volunteer. The very people who make these negative comments wish they had Marc Mogil on their team.

Because we are such a small City, our elected officials can have a much more direct impact on our quality of life than they would in a larger city.  And as we all know there are politicians and their cronies who have not always acted in the best interests of their constituents. Some of the issues we face today are the result of decisions made by previous administrations since we became a City.

It is people like Marc Mogil who watch out for the rest of us by offering their talents and capabilities, gratis. Not one penny of your tax dollar ever went into the pocket of Marc Mogil and since he is NOT a candidate for office, he does not deserve to be attacked by candidates or by their operatives.

Finally, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

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