Harvey the Debtor: Bankruptcy Bombshell

The Sunny Isles Beach Reporter has uncovered that Harvey Busch filed for bankruptcy just last year [See PACER case summary by clicking here: HARVEY.DEBTOR].  According to Mr. Harvey Busch’s U.S. Bankruptcy Court Petition (see page 3 of link ), Harvey Busch owed over $57,000 in credit card debt, which he conveniently discharged in his 2011 bankruptcy.

Our previous piece, Harvey the Distorter has been proven true by Mr. Harvey Busch, who has quite a knack for distorting reality, especially his own.

In Harvey Busch’s recent letter to Valued Voters (the subject of the aforementioned Harvey the Distorter), he states, “You and I are both suffering during these difficult financial times.” That is his distortion. This is his reality: Mr. Busch lives in a spacious (over 2,000 sq. ft.), magnificent oceanfront condominium with a million dollar view.  Furthermore, post-bankruptcy, he drives around town in a luxurious white Cadillac.  You may have spotted him cruising up and down Collins Avenue sporting conspicuous election magnets on his vehicle. If Mr. Busch is suffering, he hides it well.

We find it fascinating that Mr. Busch would use his first written outreach to the community to smear his opponent rather than come clean with his Valued Voters about his own public records and paradoxical personal circumstances.

In these difficult financial times, who would you want handling the City’s affairs? Harvey the Debtor, who avoids personal responsibility by filing for bankruptcy — or — Commissioner Bud Scholl,  who has excelled in public service in our City as well as in the private sector?  Honesty, Integrity, and Fiscal Responsibility are essential qualities in a public servant, which is why Commissioner Bud Scholl fits the bill.

In these difficult financial times, now more than ever, WE THE PEOPLE MUST MAKE IT OUR GOAL TO RE-ELECT COMMISSIONER GEORGE BUD SCHOLL!

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3 Responses to Harvey the Debtor: Bankruptcy Bombshell

  1. Ruth L. says:

    Thank yoou for doing this story.I could never vote for someone like this. We need to elect smart, not bankrupt people.

  2. arnie says:

    why is harvey busch running? commissioner scholl is a real heavyweight. this makes no sense to me.

  3. Diana R. says:

    I was going to vote for Bud Schol anyway.

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