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Comment on any of the postings or email us at [email protected] The Sunny Isles Beach Reporter would like it noted that at no time¬†has any Sunny Isles Beach elected official written any articles for the Sunny Isles Beach Reporter while in service of our City. The Sunny Isles Beach Reporter prides itself on being independently For the People, By the People & About the People. We have made every attempt to include only material that is, to our knowledge,¬†totally factual and can be supported by documentation, supplied upon request. We welcome any comments or corrections, if available in writing, and will publish and/or retract anything that can be so shown to have been factually incorrect.

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2 Responses to We want to hear from you!

  1. John DesJardins says:

    Commissioner Thayer is a very decent and capable man who is strongly committed to Sunny Isles Beach. I don’t know him well but I have watched him go about the business on our town with wisdom and quiet dignity for many years. These charges are silly. Pure Muckraking!

    I hope that the few voters who read your piece will be able to see through the electioneering smokescreen that you’re blowing out here.

    • Editor says:

      This is a valid issue. If a candidate has improperly handled his own campaign expenses, how would he handle taxpayers money? Your claim of this being muckraking or a smokescreen is what is really silly. The SIB Reporter has given an honest report of a complaint filed and voters have a right to know. We await a decision from the Florida Elections Commission. And we suggest you learn his correct name – it is Mr. Thaler, not Mr. Thayer as you keep writing. There is no Mr. Thayer running for mayor.

      Note: We are experiencing technical problems with our comments which we hope to resolve soon.

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