A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Navarro

Campaign volunteers reported to us that on Friday afternoon, Nov. 19th they drove north on Collins Avenue admiring the new campaign signs for Jeniffer Viscarra that had just been placed that morning. There were 7 signs in all, strategically placed along Collins and permission had been given to post these signs. The volunteers shopped at Navarro for about 30 minutes. Upon leaving the store they noted that the signs by Navarro had “disappeared.” Stranger still, they noticed Jeniffer Viscarra’s opponent slinking away. When he realized he’d been spotted, he gave the volunteers (who he knew) a feeble wave and hurried across the street. The 2 volunteers followed after him and observed that he seemed “very uneasy” when questioned about the missing signs. We know that if you don’t actually catch someone “in the act” you cannot prove their guilt. But it does seem peculiar that all 7 of Jeniffer Viscarra’s signs disappeared in the 30 minutes our friends were in Navarro and that Jeniffer’s opponent was discovered “at the scene.” Message to the person who is guilty of removing these campaign signs – YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW AND YOUR ACTIONS PROVE YOU ARE A CHEAT AND A SNEAK.

To our readers: We’d love you to help us solve the mystery of who the person is that stole Jeniffer’s signs. WHO do you think the sign thief is and what was the motive? Please let us hear from you – we hope you can help us solve this mystery(?).

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2 Responses to A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Navarro

  1. Tony says:

    The culprit and reasons are obvious. However, the issue is what can be done to try to prevent this from happening again. Most businesses have surveillance cameras strategically placed. Perhaps, signs may be placed within the line-of-sight of surveillance cameras.

  2. Jeniffer Viscarra says:

    Well, it turned out that the City erroneously removed the signs because they keep insisting on letters of permission that the rules do not require. Though this was an issue that arose in the recent election, and was fought and won then, it seems the City has a short memorty for matters that benefit their candidate of choice, who so happened to be around when my signs were taken down.


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