features Isaac Aelion as Their Convict of the Month

A visit to will give readers a very entertaining update of political scandals (of which there are plenty) in North Miami and North Miami Beach.  Yet our very own Isaac Aelion caught someone’s eye this month earning him the title “convict of the month” — quite impressive considering he is out of that blog’s usual jurisdiction.

VotersOpinion’s article reads, in part:

Why should North Miami and North Miami Beach grab the spotlight on municipal scandal?  Why should Myron Rosner and the Two Pierres in a Pod (a/k/a Andre and Frantz) have all the glory for being known as the most corrupt politicians in our Northeast Corner of the County?

Well, move over NMB and North Miami!  Make room for the only sitting elected official (so far) in this tri-city area who is a real live convicted criminal.  Sunny Isles Beach Vice Mayor Isaac Aelion can add three first-degree misdemeanors to his growing resume.  As the Sunny Isles Beach Reporter joked, he’s “doing hard time” on the dais of the Commission.

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  1. Thanks for the “referral.” There’s always room for one more crooked politician in the blog-o-sphere. Keep up the great work!