For All He’s Done, This Bud’s The One!

Throughout the 2012 campaign the Sunny Isles Beach Reporter (SIBR) has supported Commissioner Bud Scholl  because, in our view, he has already served the city well and it is in the City’s best interest to keep him four more years. In light of the numerous distortions and convenient omissions that have characterized Harvey Busch’s campaign, there is no doubt the SIBR supported the superior candidate. While Harvey Busch seems to have been propped up by insider supporters (the details of which are set forth in articles below), Commissioner Scholl has a solid record of helping the families of Sunny Isles Beach through his involvement with the K-8 school addition, preserving and creating necessary green spaces and parks, including the rebuilding of Newport Pier, and lowering the city’s property tax rates. Commissioner Scholl is not afraid to roll up his sleeves in commission meetings or behind the scenes. Most notably, though, and despite his opponent’s bogus claims, Commissioner Scholl is known for his attention and availability to the community, and as such is a true representative of Sunny Isles Beach residents.

In fact, the Oct. 29th, 2012 issue of the Sunny Isles Beach Sun features a page one article by Commissioner Scholl, entitled “The importance of donating blood: You have the power to save someone’s life.”  (Click here for entire article:  In that article,  Commissioner Scholl, who is also Executive Vice President of OneBlood, Inc, explains the essential need for blood and that “…one in three of us will need blood at some point in our lives. Blood recipients are all around us, alive today because of the selfless act of blood donors.” Commissioner Scholl goes on to say, “Our mission is simple, and that is to save lives in our community.” We could not agree more.  That is why we encourage Sunny Isles Beach residents, voters and non-voters alike, to come out on Election Day, November 6, 2012, and contribute to the Blood Drive.  Look for the BloodMobile  at PELICAN COMMUNITY PARK .  Click here to see announcement: BLOOD.DRIVE.NOV.6.PELICAN.PARK


We at the SIB Reporter find the coinciding scheduling of the Election and Blood Drive a fitting conclusion to this campaign season as it symbolizes the balance of both of Bud Scholl’s professional worlds.  The Election highlights Commissioner Bud Scholl’s service to Sunny Isles Beach while the Blood Drive illustrates his service beyond our city limits.  There can be no doubt that Commissioner George “Bud” Scholl  is dedicated to having a positive impact on society.  In his many years of service to our city, he has delivered. Therefore, we should all  MAKE IT OUR GOAL TO RE-ELECT BUD SCHOLL!

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    This Bud’s for you!

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