Sun Sentinel: Florida Youth Orchestra Audition Draws Talent From Three Counties (06/09/2012)

We have a budding musician among us in Sunny Isles — Please read below:

DAVIE — The cello stood taller than 7-year-old Kyla Truong, but she still managed to get her small hands around it.

While booming music spilled from the warm-up rooms during auditions for the Florida Youth Orchestra on Saturday, the sound was bigger than many of the pint-sized musicians creating it.

About 150 children participated in the auditions held at Nova Southeastern University for 5- to 19-year-olds from throughout South Florida. They came with flutes, bassoons, violins, clarinets, trombones, and other string and brass instruments.

It’s a chance for children to broaden their musical horizons, learn to create and become enamored with the arts, said orchestra president and co-founder Myra Weaver.

“It’s not even feasible to have orchestras in the schools with the current funding, but we’re happy to pick up the slack,” she said. “We have kids from North Palm Beach to Key Biscayne.”

Ariel Hus, 10, beamed as he carried his violin and walked back to the car with his grandmother, Orli Gilad.

“I was very confident. It was amazing; it’s my very first audition,” said the excited Pembroke Pines boy.

Gilad said music is in the boy’s blood — his great-grandfather was a member of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, his great-grandmother was a renowned pianist in Israel and other relatives were also musicians.

Nine-year-old Biana Pinchuk’s father, however, hasn’t a musical bone in his body, he said. The petite girl from Sunny Isles Beach remained poised moments before auditioning for violin. Her confidence soared and later, upon request, she demonstrated a powerful opera voice as well.

“I have no talent whatsoever, I’m tone deaf and I have this kid that’s amazing. We’re not sure where this came from,” Paul Pinchuk said.

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