MIAMI NEW TIMES: Isaac Aelion, Sunny Isles Beach Commish, Gets Year of Probation for Shady Campaigning (09/2011)

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Consider: Last fall, voters in Sunny Isles Beach had three choices for city commission. One of them, Isaac Feldman, was later arrested for his role running an amazing South Beach scam involving Eastern European “B-girls.” Now, his opponent and the eventual winner — businessman Isaac Aelion — has been caught red-handed spending thousands on illegal campaign ads and sentenced to a year of probation.

Hindsight is 20/20, Sunny Isles voters, but maybe you should have gone for Jeniffer Viscarra, the candidate who eventually lost to Aelion in a runoff?

Aelion was found guilty yesterday of a first-degree misdemeanor stemming from a flyer he surreptitiously sent to 8,500 voters around town before the December election.

His trouble with the law began last November, when the Miami-Dade ethics commission started looking into a flyer attacking Viscarra and Michael Schnitzer, who was running against the town’s mayor, Norman Eddlecup.

Now he’ll have to serve one year of probation, repay $4,000, and serve 35 hours of community service.

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2 Responses to MIAMI NEW TIMES: Isaac Aelion, Sunny Isles Beach Commish, Gets Year of Probation for Shady Campaigning (09/2011)

  1. sharels17 says:

    The saga continues and the stench of this sordid affair now permeates all of Miami-Dade County. The dirty tricks, i..e. “disappearing campaign signs” to vicious lies, harassment and numerous other lowlife tactics employed by those desperately wanting Jeniffer defeated, was well-documented here on the SIB Reporter during the 2010 election & run-off.

    And now we’ve got ourselves a commissioner on one year probation – a first even in Sunny Isles Beach! This is a dark stain on the Mayor, the entire commission and most of all the residents of Sunny Isles Beach. Corrupt, dirty politics at it’s worst.

    Aelion should be forced to resign from the commission. The real winner Jeniffer Viscarra should be appointed as the obviously deserving replacement. If the Mayor & Commission can continue to work with this individual they are as tainted as he is.

    September 15th Commission meeting starts at 6:30 in City Hall Government Chambers. If you really care about good government BE THERE.

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