Why No Signs on Collins?

Simple.  We were not allowed to put our signs on RK property — and it is against the rules to put signs on public property.  So that pretty much covers all of Collins. We have put signs in several other areas, but many of those have simply “disappeared”.

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One Response to Why No Signs on Collins?

  1. Sharon E. says:

    When campaign signs “disappear” repeatedly the finger of suspicion points to the most obvious suspects – those who stand to gain the most – in this case, the opposition.
    Removing campaign signs is a criminal act – not a problem for some people in this town!
    This manic excess of campaign signs Mayor Edelcup has plastered all over town is a desperate and tacky attempt to hang onto power. Want to see a great example of abuse of power? Just count the number of signs the Mayor has posted on his developer friends’ properties in Sunny Isles – it’s outrageous.

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