Woman’s Statement of Physical Assault By Robert “Bob” Welsh

My name is Raisa Fooksman (formerly Raisa Fuksman).  I am a 62 year old woman and I have been a resident of Sunny Isles Beach (formerly North Miami Beach) for the past 20 years and have been living at Winston Towers 400 for over 18 years.   I understand that Robert Welsh is running for Commissioner for the City of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.  I would like to let the public know the type of man that you are allowing to run for our City.  I personally am terrified that he will now have any level of authority in the City of Sunny Isles Beach, Fl.   Robert Welsh was the Vice President of the Association at Winston Towers 400 back in 2002.  On December 12, 2002 I was physically assaulted by this man because I was babysitting my daughter’s 9 lb. dog for 2 weeks.  Instead of speaking to me about the situation, Robert Welsh was completely out of control with rage and he punched me in the nose with his fist.  Blood was everywhere.  When I tried to get away, he punched me again, this time breaking my nose.  This assault was totally unwarranted and has affected me not just physically but also mentally over the years. 

If you check the records you will see that he was arrested for assaulting me and first charged with a misdemeanor which was later upgraded to a felony by the State Attorney on March 12, 2003.  I received a Subpoena stating that on August 18, 2003 I was on “STANDBY – DO NOT APPEAR” and to call the court. They told me that they will send me another Subpoena for the trial date.  The Subpoena never arrived.  In September 2003 I found out that on August 19th, 2003 the trial took place and the case was dismissed because I did not appear in court.  When I asked the Circuit Court of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida in Dade County why I was not notified of the new trial date, their response was “I don’t know”.  Up until October 2003 I tried numerous times to have the case reopened and was always told it was too late.

I have all the documentation and photos of my injuries to substantiate my claim.  I am reaching out to all residents of Sunny Isles to please NOT VOTE FOR THIS MAN!  

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7 Responses to Woman’s Statement of Physical Assault By Robert “Bob” Welsh

  1. Felicia says:

    How does Bob have the audacity of showing his face in public much less run for office.

  2. LucySez says:

    Oh my goodness! I don’t know what’s more disturbing — the fact that Bob Welsh broke a woman’s nose or the fact that somebody on his side was able to influence someone at the courts so that he could avoid a felony conviction. More proof of the pudding about this guy and his “friends”.

    Voters: Buyer beware!

  3. Tim says:

    How could you do this you horrible MONSTER!!!

    p.s If you are reading this do not vote for him.

  4. Nancy says:

    Wow! Are we as residents of our city really going to vote for this Jackass? This is mind blowing. Bob should be in jail for what he has done to this woman.

  5. stanley paroth says:

    Well well well, Mr Welsh you may not remember me but I was once a supporter of yours. But how quickly that changed when we met on several occasions and my gut told me you something was up with you, something that was not only corrupt but sinister.
    Well fellow citizens of sunny isles I ask you this, my gut wasn’t wrong then and it is not wrong now! There is more dirt that this MR WElsh isn’t telling us about his past and we as the voting public have not only a right to know but should demand…… And until he comes clean this man should be banned from public office …thank-you

  6. Sam says:

    The attack on this woman has been a well known fact for years among the residents of Winston Towers. It was a big story at the time it happened because Welsh was an executive member of Concerned Citizens as well as VP of the Board of Directors at Building 400. Given how visible he was in the community at the time this happened you would think he would have the common sense to lay low and not pursue a political career in Sunny Isles. Most of the residents who live in the complex are amazed that he actually has the nerve to run for city commissioner. No one I know would even consider voting for him.

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