Looking for documents referenced in the last newsletter?

For any newspaper articles, please see the “Miami Herald” link on the right, or click here:  https://sibreporter.net/category/miami-herald/

For the Public Records regarding the City Manager, please see the “Documents” link on the right or click here: https://sibreporter.net/2010/10/city-manager-memorandum-complaint-and-investigation-report/

For J. Milton invitation to Edelcup’s fundraiser, please see the “Documents” link on the right or click here: https://sibreporter.net/2010/10/milton-invitation-to-edelcup-fundraiser/

For the Solera statement as filed with public records, please see the “Documents” link on the right or click here: Solera_Statement


For the letter from the City Attorney dated January 14, 2009 asking the Attorney General of Florida if OUR REFERENDUM conflicted with the City Charter,  please see the “Documents” link on the right or click here: City.Attorneyl.Letter_to_AG_and Letter_to_AG_Page_2.  For the Attorney General’s Response dated April 9, 2009, you can visit the Office of the Attorney General of Florida website at:  http://www.myfloridalegal.com/ago.nsf/Opinions/16B7FC7950C4324A8525758B0067D6FE.  The response very clearly states:

“A municipal charter may be amended pursuant to a petition initiative to require voter approval of any capital improvement project exceeding $500,000 without conflicting with the city’s constitutional home rule powers.” 

Why then, has the city continued to SPEND OUR TAX DOLLARS to pursue a settled matter?


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