How Low Can You Go?

Have you noticed how many of the attacks against our campaign are actually anonymous?  Obviously, our opponents, who cannot launch truthful or legitimate attacks against us, are resorting to LIES, LIES, AND MORE LIES without taking responsibility for their statements so as to avoid liability.  By contrast, voters can ALWAYS check our sources, reach us for questions, and count on our diligence.  We can’t say the same for anonymous cowards seeking to steal the election.  THEIR CHEAP TRICK HAS WORKED BEFORE (see our “October Surprise posting:  Do not be fooled.  Michael, Jeanette, and I have nothing to hide.  That is why WE CAN AFFORD TO BE  HONEST AND FORTHRIGHT.  We stand by everything we publish because we have made every effort to ensure its accuracy.  OUR OPPONENTS DO NOT CARE TO EXTEND THE SAME COURTESY TO VOTERS.  Their recent antics prove that they do not respect the voters or the democratic process.  THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT WINNING.  That’s about as low as it gets.

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7 Responses to How Low Can You Go?

  1. Jeniffer Viscarra says:

    In one of the anonymous letters, they used our “true leadership” slogan. Our opponents are so void of substance they even have to steal our ideas!

  2. Jeanette Gatto says:

    “Paid” assistant office workers of Sunny Isles Beach unite! The mayor, Bob Welsh and Isaac Aelion don’t consider you of any importance nor do they think you are worthy of challenging them. The sarcasm and name calling has already put a bad taste in the mouths of the citizens of Sunny Isles especially now that Edelcup, Welsh, and Aelion, the three “associates”, aligned in desperation at the last minute. Note to Isaac Feldman: you now have a newly created “dangerous voting bloc” to worry about.

  3. Sara says:

    Should we be surprised that Mayor Edelcup lacks concern for people? Remember that the Mayor has never denied calling our community “A BUNCH OF PIGS.” A rabbi stated Edelcup made that disgusting remark at a televised commission meeting months ago.

  4. Jack Mandelblum says:

    I clearly remember the smearing letter another “Anonymus” sent two years ago when Jack Cohen was campaigning to unseat Gerry Goodman which, in spite of this pillar of the community who addresses women with four-letter words denial of any knowledge of it, earned him a $1,250 fine from the useless Dade Co. Ethics Commission, instead of voiding outright his reelection…

    Seems Snny Isles Beach City politics are a “sui generis” one because, if this election
    fails to oust the the “jewels” that have been calling the shots for that long and in spite
    of all we know about their “deeds” and still having the audacity of resorting to this
    kind of garbage to keep their posts, then the only thing left is to say “Let the burial continue”

    I remember reading somewhere that no one should be allowed to stay as head knocker for too long. He gets used to dictate and the people to obey him.

    Of course, any similarity with Sunny Isles City Hall clique is purely coincidential…
    RIGHT ???

  5. Judy says:

    Mayor Edelcup, Bob Welsh and Isaac Aelion should be ashamed of themselves for writing that flyer and sending it to the citizens of Sunny Isles Beach. I’m particularly surprised at the mayor. I’ve lived here for quite some time and to see his lapse in judgement by associating himself with something like that is astonishing. Granted he’s never been elected by the people of Sunny Isles Beach but that’s no excuse for not knowing how to properly run a campaign. His campaign manager should be fired for allowing this to happen and I hope you folks are planning to contact the Ethics Commission. I must say it saddened me to see that he was a part of that.

  6. Joey says:

    What gives? First there’s a city commissioner going around telling people that you guys are a dangerous voting bloc. Then I come across a smear piece asking people to vote for Edelcup, Welsh & Aelion. When did those three get together? Last week? Give me a break. They should’ve figured that was the way to go at least two months ago. Who’s managing these people’s campaigns? They’re all over the place. They’re confusing everyone and they look like they’re running scared.

  7. LucySez says:

    Here’s the bottom line. If Edelcup wins that means he will be mayor for a total of 11 years, after this four year term (remember, he threw himself an extra year by moving the election to this year, and was never elected by the people to begin with). That’s way too long for any one person to be in charge.

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