Examiner.com: SIB to choose on charter amendments

For a different/ additional take on SIB’s proposed amendments, go to  Examiner article at:  http://www.examiner.com/article/sunny-isles-beach-to-choose-on-charter-amendments

Please note that the SIB Reporter is misquoted.  It is not our position that there is nothing alarming in the current errors in our charter.  Jeniffer Viscarra reviewed the City’s Memo detailing the corrections, and found nothing alarming in the MEMO.  Therefore, she recommended the approval of the sixth proposed amendment.

See you at the polls!

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2 Responses to Examiner.com: SIB to choose on charter amendments

  1. Marina says:

    Didn’t much care for Examiners description of police chief. And they did misquoted you guys. They should be more careful with what they put out there. Thought the SIBR did a much better job reporting on this. But glad to see there are other sources reporting on our issues.

  2. SIBR says:

    The Examiner has clarified their position as follows (you can see discussion under their article): “I have lived in Sunny Isles for three years and out my whole South Florida experience, I must say that the Sunny Isles Beach PD is the best the county has. It is efficient, polite, honest, and transparent. But this is only luck. The tendency of government services, including police, is to be corrupt, not honest. If Chief Maas is a hero, what about the next guy in charge and the guy after? In a town with so much potential for corruption, it is a miracle the police is still at the people’s service.”

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