The World According To Isaac

In his latest mailing, where he compares condo associations — a new low for his campaign — Isaac is essentially admitting his insensitivity to struggling communities such as mine.  Though I have corrected Isaac on many occasions about these being pre-existing conditions before I joined the Boards and that we are working very hard to recover from years of corruption, Isaac continues on the same deceitful path.  Allow me to explain ONE MORE TIME.  As a director of my BUILDING, I have been part of a team that has made great strides in spite of the struggling economy.  As a director for the COMMON AREAS where four buildings are involved, I am only one of nine votes, and gathering funds has been difficult because some buildings have been hard-hit by foreclosures and delinquency.  However, we have addressed big projects that Isaac has been very careful NOT to mention — such as our sewer connection and our pool area.  Like most middle-class communities, we are prioritizing and doing the best we can.  ARE WE SUPPOSED TO APOLOGIZE FOR THAT?  I find that just a tad elitist. 

In Isaac’s political world:

  •  I am the one smearing him, when in fact I have spent much of this campaign defending myself and CORRECTING  his misleading statements.
  •  I have never attended commission meetings, when in fact he has seen me at several meetings, the last one being where Jeanette Gatto and Mayor Edelcup were sworn in.
  • I have promised employee unions tax dollars– This is an outrageous lie.   I would like Isaac to provide ANY evidence of this or issue a public apology.  This is not only insulting to me but to the union to which he is referring, which, judging from his previous mailing, must be the PBA.  

Given these facts, in Isaac’s political world, I am the one doing the smearing!  Isaac, you should give voters more credit than that.  Everyone can see what you are doing, and it is not very becoming.  How can people expect an ethical leader when he cannot run an ethical campaign?  The answer is simple. They can’t.

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