The Toughest Part of This Campaign: Keeping Up With Isaac’s Lies

In a recent mailing dated November 30th, 2010 my opponent makes some outrageous statements that I must address.  He claims that I am misleading voters, when the opposite is true.  

  1.  He claims that I have allowed the common areas of my condo to deteriorate.  This is the same misleading allegations he made in the previous election.  As explained in “Another Isaac, Another Lie”,  Isaac wants voters to make the false logical leap that, if I am on the Board, then such conditions are my fault.  Rather than acknowledge the progress we have made since we purged the Board of previous corruption, he points to what is left to be done.  Don’t worry, Isaac.  We’ll get there because  I AM PART OF THE SOLUTION to my community’s problems.   Why don’t you explain to voters why you are spending your community’s money on renovating a building in good condition?  Is this the way you will handle the tax payer’s dollars – on more projects we neither need nor want? 
  2. Because my community is facing difficult economic times and cannot fix everything at once does not prove that I cannot protect the children at my condo.  As explained above, the poor condition of some of the common areas in my condo precede my involvement on the board.  Yet Isaac wants to use this matter to discredit my proud endorsement of the Police Benevolent Association.  He is trying to fool voters into following this illogical sequence.  I am not responsible for pre-existing conditions and I was endorsed by the PBA because I AM THE BETTER CANDIDATE.  It’s that simple.   Pay attention voters!  I am not the one trying to mislead you.   
  3. I have not promised to try to annex Haulover Park into Sunny Isles.  This was the mayoral candidate’s idea.  Given the proper studies, community support, and financial feasibility, I would have supported it.  Mayor Edelcup won that race, and the Haulover idea I would have supported given the right conditions, is no longer on the table.  This is a none-issue.  Pay attention voters!  I am not the one trying to mislead you. 
  4. The palm card included in the mailing also sates: Everyone agrees Isaac is the choice for SIB Commissioner.  Everyone?  Really?  That’s not what voters had to say in November.  Pay Attention Voters!  I am not the one trying to mislead you. 

Isaac’s political tactic is the same as before:  Making things up.  On the other hand, I have neither hidden anything nor fabricated lies about my opponent.  We have respected his volunteers’ space and his campaign material (signs etc).  Our material, on the other hand has a way of disappearing or being torn down.  Our volunteers have been harassed (myself included) by Isaac’s cheating bunch – spreading lies even as I stood right there (more on this later).  Their camp knows no ethical bounds. Isaac and I agree on one thing, though.  THE CHOICE IS CLEAR



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