Isaac’s Team’s Tactics Are Deplorable

On Thursday, I was at Publix trying to speak to parents waiting to pick up their children at the school.  One of my volunteers was also there helping hand out palm cards and flyers.  We were approached by an older gentleman, who had actually followed my volunteer to where I was standing, so I introduced myself and handed him one of my palm cards, whereupon he gave me one of Isaac’s, which I found somewhat funny.  However, the conversation quickly escalated into a very aggressive situation.  The volunteer, whom I later found out is named Lieb Kamischev, became enraged and began screaming YOU ARE SPREADING LIES TOO!  I defended myself, but he kept on screaming over me, pointing his finger at me, and hushing me.  He began screaming YOU ARE NOT EVEN HISPANIC and YOU ARE TELLING PEOPLE YOU ARE JEWISH AND YOU ARE NOT!  I have never said such a thing.  I tried to explain to him that I attneded Yeshiva University, but I am not Jewiwh.  IMPOSSIBLE!  He screamed.  At that point, I saw I could not reason with him, so I walked away and tried to continue connecting with the parents.  He followed me and continued to scream senseless things about me not having the right to do this or the other.  And every time I began speaking with a person, he would come up behind me screaming and telling people DON’T VOTER FOR HER SHE IS CRAZY and repeating some ot the other ridiculous statements.  Clearly I was not dealing with a good person, so I took a pircture of him just in case the situation escalated and I would need to identify him. 

Aelion volunteer harassing opposing candidate and team

It turns out that this man has a long hisotry of abusive behavior, and is known for his ruthless slander in building politics, stooping as low as slandering of a Holocaust family by accusing them of being Nazis.  Residents of Winston Towers 500 can attest to this.  

MORAL OF THE STORY:  My opponent will go to any length to win and is more than willing to take on the services of people who know no boundaries or shame.  We, on the other hand, have run a clean and honest campaign because a candidate’s campaign is a reflection of how they will lead once elected.  


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2 Responses to Isaac’s Team’s Tactics Are Deplorable

  1. Jack Mandelblum says:

    Dear Jennifer :
    This s.o.b has a darker tail than a matricide’s soul.
    I don’t know whether he is bonkers or rather crazy as a fox, as quite a few of us in the building know how did he get to own the unit he lives in and Sharon can illustrate you
    on the issue better than me.
    He has been used by the “jewels” of our Board which I bet you fully backs AELION,
    being as he is a bird of the same feather as GOODMAN, to convince Jews to vote for
    the candidate of their choice, to which I can attest personally…

    Mind you, I don’t have anything personally agains AELION but I hate his tactics and for me to be one of EDELCUP’s clique is enough…

  2. sharels17 says:

    The real question is: Why has this character been used by the Mayor and others on the commission? Everyone knows he is bad news but he was even appointed to a traffic committee in city hall in 2006. I wonder if that appointment was a reward for doing dirty work on behalf of others who need to “keep their hands clean?”

    It is the “respectable” people who USE this individual to harass, slime and slander others who are really to blame. With a wink and a nod they have no problem using him to carry out dispicable acts against decent people.

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